Lubrication Expert

My name is Rafe Britton and I am an expert in lubrication. I have built a reputation in the industry through my YouTube channel and podcast and have a wealth of experience as a mechanical engineer, having worked in both the operator and lubricant supplier roles for over 13 years. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Physics from the University of New South Wales.

As the Lubrication Expert, my focus is on providing knowledge and expertise to mid-size industrials in order to improve their equipment uptime and reduce the costs of their lubrication programs. I am brand independent and do not sell any lubricants, filters, sensors, or hardware. Instead, I help industrial clients upskill their workforce, reduce waste, improve reliability, and make progress towards their corporate sustainability goals. I also serve on the Australian Lubricant Association’s technical committee to drive innovation in the lubrication industry.

Unfortunately, many in the industry do not fully understand lubrication, leading to incorrect lubricant use, contamination, and machine failure. This leaves reliability engineers frustrated with the performance of their lubrication programs and results in increased machine interventions, waste, and downtime.

Through my expertise and insights as both an operator and industry insider, I offer my clients access to technical knowledge on lubricant chemistry, degradation, and contamination control, as well as practical commercial considerations for optimizing supplier relationships. The end result is a top-tier lubrication program that prioritizes reliability, reduces waste, and enhances sustainability.

Did you know that a significant percentage of hydraulic, bearing, and engine failures can be attributed to lubrication issues? Vickers estimates that 80% of hydraulic failures are lubricant-related, while Emerson estimates that 80% of bearing failures and Cummins estimates that 80% of engine bearing failures are caused by lubrication problems, contaminants, or a lack of lubrication.

Despite the important role that lubricants play in the functioning of machinery, many people do not fully understand their value. Friction results in the loss of 27% of the world’s energy, which means that optimizing lubrication can have a major impact on sustainability and productivity. That is where Lubrication Expert comes in – we provide industry with the tools and knowledge needed to make the most of this often undervalued asset.

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