Morgan Distributing Inc

Morgan Distributing (MDI Lubes) is a trusted provider of lubrication products and services that prioritize sustainability. As an exclusive partner of ExxonMobil, this company has access to the latest and most advanced lubricant technologies on the market.

MDI Lubes Commitment to Quality Service

Morgan Distributing is committed to being a responsible employer, business partner, and neighbor, and takes sustainability into consideration in all aspects of their business. They use energy-saving processes, consistently meet the latest industry specifications, and are environmentally aware. They offer 100% recycling of all used filters through the use of their filter bins, which not only reduces the amount of used oil entering landfills, but also allows them to dismantle and reuse/recycle all components of the filters.

Morgan Distribution is licensed as a Used Oil Collector, which enables them to make use of the used oil that they collect. For example, they use used oil to run a boiler system that heats the tanks in their outdoor lubricant tank farm, making it a renewable source of energy for their company.

Above and Beyond Service

This company is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support, including technical support and training programs. They serve a variety of industries, including automotive, commercial, heavy-duty, construction/mining, power generation, and general manufacturing. They can provide industry-leading technology through synthetic lubrication and assist in the development of long-term sustainable maintenance programs through energy savings analysis.

If you are in need of reliable and sustainable lubrication solutions, consider partnering with Morgan Distributing, Inc. They are the petroleum people and are ready to help your business succeed.

4.7 Star Rating