Unite & Enable Your Data

Depart the old age of segregated data and leverage the power of connecting accurate real-time data with your established systems and IoT sensors, saving you time and boosting productivity while limiting errors.

Why integrate?

Save time and stay informed of crucial operational information. By uniting your data within Redlist with third-party apps, you can trigger workflows based on real-time actions and dramatically increase productivity. Giving you a 360-degree view of your business.

Reduce Wasted Time

By limiting the number of manual processes like paper forms, your company can save time, leading to increased productivity.

Avoid Errors

With integrations and workflows, you create a framework for success and productivity while virtually eliminating human error.

Quicker Decisions

You can make more informed decisions with the fast transfer of accurate data. Thus, allowing you to scale more effectively than your competition.

Business Management Tools

Integrate with systems you already use

IoT & Sensors

Centralize real-time data & act sooner

Mobil Serv℠ Oil Analysis by ExxonMobil provides you with an oil testing program
Zonar is the leader in smart fleet management technology providing verified inspection reporting
RRS uses emerging technologies to quickly capture real-time data to produce solutions that were not possible just a few years ago.
OEM Data Delivery makes Off-Highway equipment managment technology that collects crucial data on your heavy machinery vehicles.
Develops and manufactures real-time condition monitoring solutions
Elios's Suite of personal power supplies combined with smart technology (GPS, power management, timer control, movement alarm, geo-fence, location share.
dark haired male developer testing code with iphone building integrations

Integration Hub

Custom needs, require custom solutions

No matter what systems you use, unite the data you rely on every day and use our native self-service API to develop custom integrations.

Integrate with Redlist

Do you have a great app that you want to integrate with Redlist? We are always looking for innovative companies to partner with. Send us a message and let’s connect. 

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