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Learn how to navigate the changing landscape, cultivate effective coaching techniques, and ignite a love for what you do.

Boost Your Expertise Through Insights From Industry Leaders

Episode #9: From Quarters Boards to Grease Tubes: Packaging Innovations for Distributors in the Oil and Fuel Industry with Mark Brewington

Learn the importance of eye appeal in product packaging, how to navigate supply chain issues, and the potential for vertical integration in the industry.

Guest: Mark Brewington

Episode #8: Fueling Sales Growth: Building Authentic Relationships and Winning Customer Trust with Carl Peterson

Explore strategy, leadership & sales in the energy industry with Carl Peterson in this engaging podcast. Unlock growth secrets & debunk common myths.

Guest: Carl A. Peterson

Episode #7: From Dubai to Bangkok: A Global Odyssey in the Oil and Gas Industry

Join us as we discuss Sean Chapmans international sales journey and explore the challenges and rewards of working abroad in the oil and gas industry.

Guest: Sean Chapman

Episode #6: Hacks to Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions with David Kraus and Chris Enruhn

Join us as we discuss how you can leverage technology and embrace change to enhance efficiency and reliability to defeat your supply chain disruptions.

Guest: Chris Endruhn & David Kraus

Episode #5: Finding a Way: Navigating the Distribution Industry with Michael Sterling

Join us as we discuss the attributes of self-awareness, resourcefulness, relationships, effective communication, for success in a sales career.

Guest: Michael Sterling

Episode #4: Leadership and Strategy Insights for Fuel Distributors with Stephen Davis

Join Redlist Distribution Download Podcast as Stephen Davis shares leadership and strategy insights for fuel distributors.

Guest: Stephen Davis

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