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In weeks, have a fully charted and organized system complete with photos, documents, work instructions, oil and grease products, and estimated completion times for every lubrication point in your facility all in a mobile device that is already in your pocket.

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Create an Expert Lubrication Program Strategy

Take the guess work out of reliability and let our certified lubrication team chart your facility on-site and have a program in weeks.

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Free 30 Min Reliability Consultation

With a CLS Certified Lubrication Engineer

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Implement Your Lubrication Management Program

Ensure proper lubrication for all of your assets & increase adoption with simplified workflows and time saving automations.

Improve PM Implementation

Detailed Lubrication Methods

Accurately Manage & Monitor Lubricant Inventory

Improve inventory accuracy with real-time mobile updates to inventory levels when PM tasks are completed by reliability team members.

Lubricant Purchasing & Receiving

Vendor Management

Get Actionable Analytics & Improve Overall Reliability

Gain visibility into the health of your lubrication program, perform A/B testing and quickly adjust PM templates in a few clicks to drive continuous improvement. 

Accelerate Continuous Improvement

Monitor Reliability KPI's

"Easy to use, extremely helpful and reduces time spent filling out tedious forms and hunting for information..."
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Mobile Tools For Reliability & Lube Management Teams

Increase route compliance with Redlist’s easy-to-use mobile app & provide techs everything they need to accurately complete reliability tasks the same way every time.

Include Details at the Task Level

With Redlist’s lubrication management, task instructions are placed at the task level. Which gives teams more flexibility to configure Redlist to meet the specific needs of their lubrication program. 


Lube Points

Lubricant Qty


Digital Forms

Time Tracking

Task Comments

Reference Documents

Custom Instructions




Task Assignments

"Easy to use technician app. Redlist mobile offers an easy to use and intuitive solution for data collection in the field. My team and I use it everyday."
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Team Management

Shorten onboarding with Redlist by quickly inviting team members and giving them access to all the tribal knowledge they need to start contributing to your reliability program.

Time Tracking



Text Alerts

Quickly Adjust PM Templates

Optimize your lubrication practices faster and reduce maintenance costs by adjusting PM templates and applying changes to multiple assets in minutes.

Reliability A/B Testing

Extend Lubricant Life

Extend Equipment Life With Integrations & Condition Monitoring

Connect to established business management systems, IoT sensors, GPS trackers, and oil analysis labs. Improving communication and propelling your company into the age of Industry 4.0.

Engineering Services & Support

With Redlist, you get a reliability partner that stands by you every step of the way. Sharing years of specialized experience in lubrication management to help you achieve your reliability goals.

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How Does Oil Analysis Test for Contamination?

If you’re not familiar with oil analysis, it’s a process of testing oil taken from machinery or other devices to detect and measure the level of contaminants in the oil. This information can help you troubleshoot problems and make decisions about when to retire equipment. But, how does oil analysis test for contamination in the first place? Let’s take a closer look.

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The Best Protection Against Lubricant Contamination

When it comes to contamination, the best defense is a good offense. By properly protecting against lubricant contamination, you can help minimize the negative effects it can have on your equipment. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to protect your lubricant from contamination and keep your equipment running smoothly.

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What is Lithium Soap-Based Grease?

If you’re responsible for lubricating machinery in a plant or factory, choosing the right grease is important. Not all greases are created equal – some will withstand high temperatures, while others are better at resisting water and other contaminants. So how do you choose the right grease?

"The support which is provided by the Redlist team is one of the defining features..."
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Nick C
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Customer Stories

Learn how customers have used Redlist lubrication management to identify savings opportunities and better manage their reliability program.

Lubrication Management FAQ's

If you have other general questions or need help with your lubrication management program speak with one of our CLS certified lubrication consultants.

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