System and Browser Requirements

For best performance, Redlist should be used on the current or last major release of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari. Because Redlist is built using web standards. Redlist will run on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and any other device using a modern web browser.

Redlist supports the current and last major releases of the following browsers:


Chrome 81 & 83+


Edge 81 & 83+


Safari 12 & 13+


Firefox 76 & 77

JavaScript must be enabled to run Redlist.

Browser Plugins and Extensions

Some browser plugins or extensions may conflict with Redlist and affect how Redlist runs. If you experience behavior that does not allow you to work with Redlist, please make sure you have disabled any extensions or plugins that may affect your web browser.

For troubleshooting, consider logging in to Redlist using an incognito or private browser window. This will provide a browser session without any prior browsing or search history, associated browser cookies, or other factors that may interfere with the browser. If you are able to perform tasks and view items with Redlist using an incognito or private browser window, the behavior you are experiencing is likely related to the browser and not Redlist.

Operating System

Redlist only requires an operating system that can run the latest compatible web browsers. Your computer operating system should be kept up to date with the latest recommended security updates and upgrades.

Redlist on iOS and Android

The Redlist Web interface was optimized for desktop displays, so using small form factors such as phones may not provide a good experience while using Redlist. For the best user experience, please download the Redlist mobile applications.

Redlist offers limited support for native mobile browsers on tablet devices.

Redlist Mobile apps support the following.

  • iOS 14 and later
  • Android 8 and later

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