Why You Need Field Services Software

In today’s digital age, you likely use software for one or many of your business’s needs. However, many companies don’t realize they can consolidate several softwares into one platform with Redlist’s Field Service Management Software. Field services software streamlines all of your operations, including jobs, time tracking, client management, service tickets, invoicing, and reporting. Also, it provides your company more flexibility to remain operational even during a pandemic. The software allows employees to work remote or socially distance by not needing to come into the office.

Enhance Communication with Field Services Software

With Redlist, you can better forecast the people, parts, assets, and time required when scheduling. This helps to avoid miscommunication or scheduling a job when the assets or people aren’t available. Also, digitizing this process saves time through configuring automation, such as text and email notifications about the schedule or changes. The additional benefit of field services software is that employees can access any data they need while in the field. Redlist’s cloud-based platform is available on any mobile device and has an offline mode when employees have poor signal.

Better Manage Client Relationships

Field services software encompasses more than just scheduling and dispatch. It can integrate with your entire quote to cash process, starting with your initial estimate. Having this all-in-one system helps you manage your pipeline and creates visibility into your conversion rate. Once you have a signed agreement, you can easily transfer the job details from the quote to your service ticket. Then, you can go to Redlist’s visual schedule and see everyone and everything you need to book the job. This process is often siloed in different software, which means duplicate data entry work must be done to take the line items from a quote to a service ticket. Redlist eliminates the need for double entry and ensures every line item makes it to the service ticket and onto the schedule.

Improve Cash Flow

When it comes to billing for work performed, unreliable paper processes leave room for error and items slipping through the cracks. For example, an employee may find that the scope of work to complete a job is greater than originally quoted to the customer. If the work is completed but they forget to record it on the service ticket, then that line item will be missed. With Redlist, the foreman can edit the service ticket on their mobile device while at the job site. The accounting department can monitor all open jobs in one location and quickly approve each service ticket line item. This ensures more accurate billing and actually can shorten your billing cycle. You can learn more by reading 5 Tips to Maximize Cash Flow Management.

Field Services Software Accelerates the Growth of Your Business

Client management, resource management, and revenue management are all essential to keeping your business running. Redlist’s field services software provides that and more with easy, automated reports that allow you to track the effectiveness of your company and identify areas for improvement. Field services software brings many advantages, especially increased efficiency and reduced costs. Streamlining operations through automating and digitizing keeps your business agile in today’s competitive market.

Furthermore, transitioning away from paper or spreadsheet-based processes allows you to be ready for whatever the year brings. This was illustrated during the pandemic when companies with tech solutions already in place were able to more easily transition to a remote workforce. Additionally, Redlist has an entire suite of software from field services to enterprise asset management (EAM) and health, safety, and environmental (HSE). Between the entire Redlist suite and our integration with established systems, we have a solution that will fit your business.

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