Track Maintenance & Warranty Compliance All In One Place

Warranty Compliance Without the "He Said, She Said!"

Digitize your equipment delivery process and give transparency to your customers on what their maintenance and warranty requirements are.

Gather Safety Waivers

Provide OEM Preventive Maintenance Program

Reduce Liability

Speed Up Equipment Delivery

Increase Revenue on Equipment Service

Seamless Delivery

Gather digital signatures on required forms in the field and automatically attach them to the equipment file. 

Guided Maintenance

Confirm that required maintenance tasks are completed and proactively reach out to customers when service is due.

Validate Claims

Give your warranty a backbone by gaining visibility into the status of equipment maintenance records and the compliance of warranty terms. 

Trusted By OEM's Everyday

Provide a World-Class Experience

While Keeping That Personal Touch You're Known For

Customer Request Inbox

Increase revenue by quickly addressing customer service requests on specific equipment or projects from anywhere.

Service Inspections

Retain customers by forecasting service inspections on customer equipment and proactively providing recommended tasks.

Brand Management

Strengthen your brand and loyalty by increasing visibility with your customers while providing a quality digital experience.

Programs & Projects

Share warranty/project dashboards with your customers giving them access to pre-approved maintenance plans and work tasks.

Pre-load Custome PM Programs

While Keeping That Personal Touch You're Known For

Benefits & Features

IRock Case Study

30% Decrease in Warranty Costs

IRock, a successful mining equipment manufacturer partnered with Redlist Software to provide a fully digital equipment delivery process. Through these improved processes and new digital experiences, customers are happier and liabilities are lower. All while warranty claim costs have decreased by nearly 30%.

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