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Inspection Company Maintains Operations & Growth During Covid-19


In 2019, a mining and heavy industrial service and inspection company used Redlist to consolidate their operations softwares. They went from using five different softwares to manage quotes and job creation, scheduling and dispatching, timekeeping, customer inspections, and invoicing to managing all of those processes in one location. By having all of their processes in a single software, they were able to standardize their workflows across their various branches spread out over a large service area throughout the United States.

The company saw many benefits after implementation, including identifying and closing a $450,000 AR gap, reducing billing time from 14 days to the same day, a $30,000 reduction in administrative costs, eliminating paperwork, and reducing technician travel time. Increasing cash flow enabled them to expand to new service areas, and they experienced a 40% growth of the business. Entering 2020, they had a solid foundation of efficient systems within Redlist and successfully avoided large AR gaps. Then, the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, bringing with it new obstacles for businesses to handle. The company wanted to remain operational, but with the health and safety of its employees as the top priority.

Action Items

The company continued to utilize Redlist to provide even more flexibility to work remotely. Instead of coming into the office multiple times a week to check in and get job information, technicians were able to access all important job information and submit all necessary job documents remotely on their mobile devices. Additionally, Redlist’s cloud-based solution allowed the office staff to work from home if necessary. So no matter the role in the company, or where they needed to work from, the company’s employees were able to continue operating at full capacity, despite the challenging circumstances created by Covid-19.


Unfortunately, most businesses experienced a significant downturn in productivity and revenue during the pandemic. Thanks to the digital systems they put in place with Redlist in 2019, this company was able to remain open, sustain its growth, and even continue to grow the business. They ensured employee safety by working remotely, and continued to provide service to their customers, bill customers for work performed, and pay technicians on time. Handling everything digitally significantly reduced face-to-face contact and the risk of spreading Covid-19. In a period where millions of people were furloughed or laid off, the company had no layoffs and no spreader events linked to the office. They were able to continue growing, and provide a safe working environment for all their employees using Redlist, which led their Office Coordinator to say, “It’s a really great tool in a really bad time.”

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