Streamline Reactive Maintenance: Enhancing Equipment Reliability with Redlist Digital Inspections

Join us for an informative webinar as we explore how Redlist’s powerful digital inspections tool can revolutionize your company’s reactive maintenance processes. Industrial and mining companies often face critical failures and defects in their machinery, necessitating immediate repairs to avoid further complications and potential safety hazards. With Redlist, you can effortlessly address these issues and significantly improve equipment reliability.

During this webinar, we will showcase how Redlist’s digital inspections tool enables seamless defect reporting and maintenance workflow management. By utilizing our easily configurable software, anyone within your organization can submit a form to report critical or non-critical defects. Once submitted, the system automatically generates notifications and work orders, alerting the appropriate individuals about the reported issues.

We will demonstrate how Redlist streamlines the maintenance process by automatically attaching the submitted inspection as a PDF to the generated work order. Maintenance managers can review the reported problem, add necessary details such as required parts or instructions, and assign the task to the most suitable mechanic on the team. The assigned mechanic receives instant email notifications, informing them about the new work order and enabling them to access it via the mobile or web app.

During the webinar, we will walk you through the mechanic’s perspective, showcasing how they record labor time, additional parts used, and associated costs directly within the Redlist software. Furthermore, mechanics can submit additional digital inspections on the work order tasks, providing comprehensive documentation of their findings and ensuring thorough reporting.

Additionally, we will delve into the power of Redlist’s reporting dashboards, which provide a historical overview of completed work orders for individual assets or across the entire organization. These dashboards not only facilitate informed decision-making but also serve as evidence of regulatory compliance to bodies such as OSHA and MSHA, demonstrating your commitment to equipment reliability and a safe work environment.

By automating the generation of reactive work orders and seamlessly updating dashboard reports, Redlist saves maintenance teams valuable time while mitigating the risk of data entry errors. Join us for this webinar and discover how our software can transform your reactive maintenance processes, leading to enhanced equipment reliability, improved safety, and increased operational efficiency. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity! Try our free demo today.

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Streamline Reactive Maintenance

Streamline Reactive Maintenance: Enhancing Equipment Reliability with Redlist Digital Inspections

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