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Terry D. Taylor is a highly experienced reliability consultant with 35 years of maintenance management experience in the mining industry. He is the president of Taylor Reliability, a consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations improve the reliability and safety of their systems and equipment.

With 35 years of experience in the field of maintenance management and 10 years of work management and reliability consulting experience in diverse industries like Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Steel Production/Processing, Pharmaceutical, Lumber Processing, Food Processing and Mining, Terry has a deep understanding of the principles and practices that are essential for achieving and maintaining high levels of reliability. He is a certified maintenance and reliability professional (CMRP) and is recognized as a leading expert in the industry.

Terry’s consulting services are in high demand, as he has a proven track record of helping organizations to reduce downtime, increase production, and improve safety. He is a skilled problem-solver and is able to identify the root causes of reliability issues quickly and effectively. He then uses this information to develop a comprehensive plan for improving reliability, which includes identifying and addressing critical equipment, implementing effective maintenance strategies, and training employees on best practices for reliability.

Terry’s passion for reliability is evident in everything he does, and he is dedicated to helping organizations improve their reliability and safety. He helps clients assess their current work management systems and processes, assist in building an implementation plan for improvement based on the assessment results, and provide specific formal training followed by on-the-job application of work management improvements.

If you’re looking for an experienced reliability consultant who can help you achieve your reliability goals, look no further than Terry D. Taylor, CMRP and Taylor Reliability.

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