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Poseidon Systems


Poseidon Systems has developed the world’s most advanced industrial IoT fluid monitoring system. A true Industrial IoT platform that can integrate oil quality and water contamination sensors to expand monitoring to a greater number of components. Poseidon Systems has validated the capability of detecting mechanical failures at the earliest point in time and monitor fluid quality real-time, allowing for fluid RUL estimations and true condition-based oil changes.

Having a continual understanding of your equipment’s health is a crucial factor to minimize O&M costs and optimize repair schedule and asset management. Poseidon has the Industrial IoT devices you need to consistently have a real-time understanding of the data that is coming from your machine. The combination of our sensors, edge device, and cloud-based monitoring software enables Poseidon’s customers to be able to constantly understand the crucial data needed to best make decisions about their assets and maximize their useful life.

4.7 Star Rating