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Poseidon Systems


Poseidon Systems has developed the world’s most advanced industrial IoT fluid monitoring system. A true Industrial IoT platform that can integrate oil quality and water contamination sensors to expand monitoring to a greater number of components. Poseidon Systems has validated the capability of detecting mechanical failures at the earliest point in time and monitor fluid quality real-time, allowing for fluid RUL estimations and true condition-based oil changes.

Having a continual understanding of your equipment’s health is a crucial factor to minimize O&M costs and optimize repair schedule and asset management. Poseidon has the Industrial IoT devices you need to consistently have a real-time understanding of the data that is coming from your machine. The combination of our sensors, edge device, and cloud-based monitoring software enables Poseidon’s customers to be able to constantly understand the crucial data needed to best make decisions about their assets and maximize their useful life.

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