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The TankScan monitor is a reliable and accurate way to track levels in liquid tanks, totes, drums, or open containers. The wireless ultrasonic and radar sensor easily installs on any above ground container, making it the perfect way to send levels directly to Redlist. This provides Redlist users with real-time data to set alarms, and drive maintenance behavior. TankScan is an ideal solution for tank monitoring applications that require remote monitoring or automated data collection.

  • View all tank levels, locations and history from any internet device
  • Sends email or text alerts to users when tanks reach predetermined levels
  • Improves accuracy and eliminates manual tank gauging
  • Track product usage and expenses across multiple tanks
  • Enhance environmental compliance with real-time fluid leak alerts and detailed maintenance records
  • Prohibit theft with real-time tank level monitoring
  • Automate communication, reordering and alerts directly to the product distributor
  • Rest API integration to Redlist “Indicator Values” enabling intelligent, automated work orders

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