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OEM Data Delivery


OEM Data Delivery has designed and manufactured rugged electronics for the off-highway market for over 45 years. OEM Data Delivery improves their customers’ ability to capture and track key equipment data, while saving their customer time spent on paperwork.

OEM Tags

OEM Data Delivery’s BT Tag is a simple device that can go on any and all equipment, attachments and tools to collect crucial utilization and location data. They are commonly used on fuel-powered engines, electric-powered motors, and even non-powered equipment.

OEM Trackers

Have valuable assets on your job site? OEM Data Delivery’s BT (Bluetooth®) Trackers are simple devices that can be installed on any and all off-highway equipment regardless of how the equipment is powered – or not powered. BT Trackers are offered in numerous capture methods e.g., vibration, ignition, magneto, pump, and many more. While there are a variety of capture methods, all OEM Data Delivery’s BT Trackers work to collect crucial information such as utilization and location.

Powered By Bluetooth

Bluetooth leads in cost, security, and efficiency, and is profoundly unobtrusive on a job site. The up-front cost of passive and active Bluetooth tracking solutions is offset by the long lifecycle and re-usability of the components. Bluetooth can also take advantage of existing networking solutions, such as Wi-Fi systems.

With installed sensors users can collect critical data from their assets that can measure a wide range of data types. Including,

  • Vibration
  • Ignition
  • Location
  • Utilization
  • Magneto
  • Pump
  • and many more

An integration of OEM Data Delivery and Redlist allows users the ability to leverage the data of the OEM Data sensors to automate time consuming tasks.

Condition Monitoring

Add sensors to your assets to track vibration, and thermography that will enhance your lubrication management program and improve overall reliability.

Maintenance Workflows

Use sensor data to update asset records and trigger automated workflows and maintenance tasks.

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