Health Safety & Environmental

Digitally Manage & Foster Your Safety Culture

Scrap the paper, toss the spreadsheets and gain insights into your safety program and empower your team to play their role in your safety culture.

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Trusted With Over 10,000+ Safety & Compliance Forms Every Day

Digital Form Builder

Create Flexible Digital Forms

Quickly convert old paper forms into easy-to-use digital forms that can notify you of safety hazards and more. Also, automatically fill out those time-consuming regulatory forms from responses.

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor Key Safety Metrics

Save time and with automated accurate visual reports for your leadership. With business intelligence, your reports are generated in real-time as your field team collects data.

Regulatory Compliance

Reduce Infractions & Fines

Regardless of your industry, it is critical that you follow local and federal guidelines from OSHA and MSHA, etc. By creating a robust safety framework within Redlist you can ensure that procedures are followed to protect your company and workforce. 

Automated Safety Workflows

Efficiently Fix Reported Hazards

Quickly fix any safety hazards with alerts and notifications that are sent conditional on the input of any digital form and let your workforce be your eyes and ears. Promptly assign tasks to address potential risks before anyone gets hurt.

Business Analytics For Safety

Save Valuable Time With Automated Reports

Save time by quickly identifying safety weaknesses and better predict future incidents with automated reports made specifically for Safety KPI’s.

Get Common Reports On Key Safety KPI's In Real-time

Easy-to-use Mobile App

Put Safety Culture Directly In The Pocket Of Your Team

Promote your safety culture with improved collaboration with a robust digital tool that streamlines safety communication.



Communicate safety data with the tools you already use

No longer does safety have to be siloed within its own part of the company. Propel communication company-wide and empower everyone to play their part in the companies safety goals.

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