Safety Forms

New Crane Company Lays a Solid Foundation


The owner of a Florida-based crane company founded in 2019 had almost two decades of experience in the crane industry before starting his own business. After working at companies that ran their entire business on pen and paper, whiteboards, and spreadsheets, he had a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t. He knew that as he started his business, he immediately wanted a digital solution to manage operations, maintenance, and safety in the best way possible. This included having real-time visibility into the entire maintenance and history of their assets from day one. However, he had some specific requirements for the platform based on his experience with systems and processes over his career. First, the software would have to easily scale as he grew and expanded his business. Second, the system needed to be mobile and function 100% in the field to support his team not being in the office for weeks at a time. Beyond those requirements, the company was highly motivated by putting safety first with one of their major goals being to “not be the crane company that ends up on YouTube” with a viral fail video.

Action Items

After searching for a solution that checked all of the boxes, the crane company chose to partner with Redlist. They began their entire business operation and created all their systems and processes in Redlist. This included moving time-keeping to Redlist and setting up all of their preventive maintenance tasks to have a complete asset history from inception, digitizing their pre and post-trip inspections, annual inspections, as well as all employee and asset certification details. And finally, digitizing their daily service tickets. This would help them avoid the common problem of paper tickets getting lost, and eliminate any delay of invoices caused by operators accruing service tickets until they come in person to the office.


Using Redlist’s mobile app, the crane company has been able to manage maintenance, create, schedule, and dispatch jobs from anywhere, even the cab of a crane, and ensure jobsite safety. 

Their equipment reliability, uptime, and impeccable safety record have allowed them to grow exponentially and win business over their competitors. The company’s growth is largely driven by their ability to invoice customers quickly and accurately from the digital service ticket information collected by operators in the field. An efficient billing cycle creates a healthy cash flow and revenue management, as well as better customer service. Furthermore, customer service is optimized by a drastic reduction in the total number of unplanned repairs. The crane company achieves this by minimizing the gap in time between a crane or truck issue being reported and being repaired. This keeps their customers and their operators happy. By partnering with Redlist, the company created a solid foundation from day one that has supported their expansion, growth, and ongoing scalability of their systems and overall business for years to come.

4.7 Star Rating