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The Hazards of the Pencil Whip

Whether personally or professionally, it is likely that all of us have experienced pencil whipping at some point. Pencil whipping means that you sign off on something without giving it the full review or inspection that it needs before approval.

What is Idle Time?

When it comes to asset reliability and productivity, there is a lot of talk about downtime. However, there’s a very important distinction to make when measuring your downtime. That distinction involves determining what is idle time and ensuring that you

The Benefits of Fleet Management

Whether your company delivers products or serves customers at their homes or workplace, you rely on a fleet of commercial vehicles to keep your business running. So, optimizing your fleet management will keep those vehicles running. Fleet management includes all

How to Optimize Fleet Dispatch

Fleet dispatch is the term that encompasses the operations supporting your drivers and/or technicians in the field. However, being a fleet dispatcher or fleet manager is no easy task. It involves a great deal of organization and reacting or solving

What is a Work Order?

For any company that relies on its assets and equipment for production, work orders are essential to the business. But first, what is a work order? A work order is a document that provides information on approved maintenance work, including

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