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At What Point Should an Incident Report Be Completed?

There are so many different types of accidents, incidents, and near misses that can happen in the workplace. Sometimes it is unclear at what point should an incident report be completed. This is especially the case when there are various

Cultivating a Culture of Insurance Loss Control

Between the danger of workplace accidents and the high-dollar value of tools, machinery, equipment, and other assets, a single claim could make your insurance premium skyrocket.

The Difference Between Incidents and Accidents in the Workplace

While incidents and accidents may seem to be the same, there is actually a very important difference. The difference between incidents and accidents in the workplace is determined by the level of damage caused and it begins with the definitions.

What is Prescriptive Maintenance?

As machines and technology evolve, maintenance strategies evolve too. The newest maintenance strategy is prescriptive maintenance (RxM). Previously, the most advanced maintenance strategies were condition-based maintenance (CBM) or predictive maintenance. Prescriptive maintenance starts like predictive maintenance, but it uses machine

Data Silos: What Are They and How to Eliminate Them

Employee data, customer data, asset data, internal systems or processes data… The list goes on, which is why businesses today run on data. It fuels work orders, project management, invoicing, decision-making, and so much more. So, how do you ensure

How to Improve Machine Monitoring

You can greatly improve your machine monitoring practices by implementing IoT (Internet of Things) sensors that integrate with EAM software.

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Oil and Gas Company Becomes Model for DEQ Compliance

One of the largest privately-owned oil and natural gas producers in the U.S. had grown through acquisitions of other natural gas production companies. With over seven years in business, their increasing maintenance operations…

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