Overcoming the Three Biggest Obstacles in Setting up a Lube Program

Join us for an essential webinar titled “Overcoming the Three Biggest Obstacles in Setting up a Lube Program,” where we tackle the challenges faced by facilities when establishing an effective lubrication management strategy.

An often-overlooked cornerstone of maintenance reliability, a well-structured Lube Program is instrumental in averting equipment failures and ensuring operational efficiency. However, creating this program is not without hurdles, starting with the first obstacle—Organizing and Sequencing Assets. Due to inconsistencies in asset lists developed over time by various personnel, facilities struggle to decide what qualifies as an asset. Our webinar helps you resolve this by defining a clear-cut asset hierarchy, fostering an organized approach to listing and sorting assets which serve as the foundation of your lube program.

The second hurdle—Asset Identification—is integral to avoid mismanagement in lubrication tasks. In many cases, facilities lack proper tagging, leaving lubricators uncertain if they’re servicing the right assets. Our solution is straightforward: Redlist’s cutting-edge QR code and NFC tagging options ensure that every asset is identifiable, linking to a detailed list of lubrication tasks that include frequency, the product used, and the required volume.

Lastly, we address Lubrication Task Accuracy. Legacy systems tend to offer vague work orders leading to lubrication mishaps. With Redlist, you can overcome this through Remote Onboarding Assistance and Onsite Lubrication Audits, ensuring all recommended lubrication tasks are identified and integrated into your workflows.

This webinar not only identifies the key challenges but also provides practical, actionable solutions. Redlist is your partner in refining lubrication management, aligning safety protocols, and maintenance reliability, ensuring your asset performance remains at a peak with minimized downtime. Sign up today to transform your facility’s lube program into a streamlined, fault-free operation.

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Overcoming Three Biggest Obstacles

Overcoming the Three Biggest Obstacles in Setting up a Lube Program

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