Operationalizing Safety and Lubrication Excellence to improve Productivity and Human Risk Management

Join us for an immersive and informational webinar presented by former Global Field Engineering Manager, Tom Schiff on the crucial topic of safety and its correlation with equipment reliability. We fundamentally believe that safety isn’t just an option but a necessity, especially in sectors that heavily depend on machinery and equipment functionality. This session will aim at emphasizing the relevance and motivation of safe practices, making it a staple when dealing with equipment of varying complexities.

‌The first part of the webinar will tackle the relationship between safety and equipment reliability. We will demonstrate how a safe working environment can significantly influence not only the efficient operation of equipment but also its longevity. The discussion will encompass real-life scenarios, offering you a clear perspective of the on-ground implications of ignoring safety.

‌Following this, our expert presenter will introduce some key tools and processes that will help you operationalize a safety culture within your organization. We will discuss in detail things like safety audits, risk evaluation techniques, workplace safety rules, and regulations, use of safety gear, and training programs. Each tool and process will be analyzed based on its effectiveness, paving a way for you to establish a robust safety culture.

‌Lastly, we will delve into lubrication excellence activities. Lubrication isn’t just a maintenance task, but a major player in mitigating human risk and enhancing safety performance. We will explore how proper lubrication can prevent equipment breakdowns that may lead to accidents, and discuss how it plays a pivotal role in minimizing human risk exposure.

‌This involves breaking down multiple lubrication excellence activities, such as routine inspections and maintenance, appropriate selection and application of lubricants, storage and handling practices, and proper personnel training.

‌Discover the benefits of these activities from enhancing machine reliability, strengthening safety standards, reducing breakdowns and mechanical failures, to ultimately fostering a safer, more productive and profitable work environment.

‌We aim to empower you with a fresh, comprehensive perspective on safety and its significance in equipment reliability. By comprehending and adopting these insights, you can invariably ensure a safer work environment, while making marked improvements in equipment reliability and productivity.

This is not merely a discussion, but a step towards safety transformation, paving the way to operational efficiency and excellence. Let’s revolutionize your safety culture, together.

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Operationalizing Safety and Lubrication Excellence

Operationalizing Safety and Lubrication Excellence to improve Productivity and Human Risk Management

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