People and Processes

People and Processes, Inc. is a leading global consulting and education services firm that specializes in the full spectrum of physical asset management. From maintenance and asset reliability to operations optimization, the company helps clients achieve their targeted level of performance by implementing sustainable and effective processes and behaviors.


One of the key differentiators of People and Processes is their commitment to partnering with clients at all levels of the organization to navigate and solve difficult issues. Unlike other consulting firms that simply implement programs, People and Processes is focused on sustaining lasting change in both people’s behaviors and process optimizations.

The company’s team of professionals have extensive global experience executing successful initiatives across a wide range of industries. Their depth of expertise is derived from years of experience delivering education and consulting services, as well as from successful initial industrial careers centered on maintenance, reliability, and operations.

One of the core services provided by People and Processes is assessments of maintenance, reliability, and operations processes. The company’s experts evaluate the current state of a client’s operations and compare it to best practices, identifying any gaps that need to be addressed. They then work with clients to redesign and optimize existing processes, providing training and coaching to ensure the desired results are achieved.

People and Processes Training Services

In addition to consulting services, People and Processes also offers a wide range of education and training services. These include reliability centered maintenance training (RCM/ RCM2), as a member of The Aladon Network, maintenance planning and scheduling training, materials management/ MRO/ Storeroom training, leadership and supervision development and coaching, and technician training assessments.

Computerized maintenance management system/ enterprise asset management (CMMS/ EAM) system services are also provided, which can help to improve the overall efficiency of a client’s operations.

Quality Education

The education and training courses offered by People and Processes are recognized worldwide, and are focused on key areas such as reliability, maintainability, and maintenance. The company is a proud member of The Aladon Network, as well as a member of the University of TN Reliability and Maintainability Center. Their courses are approved for the Reliability & Maintainability Implementation Certification (RMIC®).

In conclusion, People and Processes is an industry leader in physical asset management and operations optimization. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including consulting, education, and training, and has an experienced team that is dedicated to helping clients achieve sustainable results. They are a one stop solution for any organization looking to improve their assets management, reliability and operations.

4.7 Star Rating