Redlist Affiliate Program

Join the Redlist Affiliate Program and earn commissions for referrals that end up signing up for any of the Redlist products. It’s simple to sign up and start earning.

Benefits of Joining The Redlist Affiliate Program

Quick to Join. Unlimited Potential.

No Commission Limits

No limits on commissions which means no limits on the potential revenue you can add.

Large Deal Sizes

With the Redlist platform enterprise deals are not uncommon. Larger deals, larger the commission.

Enhance Relationships

Add value to your own services by getting your customers using Redlist so that you can better serve them.

Increased Opportunity

With our platform of solutions you have a wide range of products to earn commissions with.

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How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

The process

1. Apply

Join the Program and receive your unique affiliate link.

2. Learn

Demo the software with one of our product experts.

3. Submit Referrals

Start sending referrals via your link or our website referral form.

4. Get Paid

Earn commission for valid referrals that converts through your link

Frequently Asked Questions

Redlist is a SaaS platform that helps organizations standardize their processes across multiple departments and functions. By providing solutions that empower the field user and enhance the quality of real-time data. 

Solutions Include:

The Redlist Affiliate Program provides an opportunity for businesses to generate revenue by earning commissions for every closed customer referral they submit via their unique referral link. 

There is no cost. You can join the Redlist Affiliate Program for free.  

Any business or individual with a considerable influence on Redlist’s ideal customer profile that is seeking an opportunity to monetize their content. 

You can earn up to 25% of new customers first-year subscription per referral that closes, with a bonus structure if you hit certain milestones during the year.  

All Redlist Affiliate Program commissions are paid out via secure bank transfers or ACH.

Affiliate Commissions are paid out within 60 days of payment being received from the customer.

The referral must sign up for our product within a stipulated amount of time; from there, we will perform an internal audit to ensure all Affiliate conditions have been met, after which the commission will be calculated based on the deal size. For details read the Redlist Affiliate Program Agreement.

A valid lead: 

  • Schedules a demo using your unique link 
  • Submitted manually via the Referral Submission Form. 
  • Not a current customer of Redlist or our strategic partners.  

Contact support with any questions. 

When a referral is received a member of the Redlist team will contact you and introduce themselves before contacting the referral.

There is no cap too the number of referrals you can send.

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4.7 Star Rating