Lube Routes Revamped: Map Your Facilities’ Lube and Grease Points with the power of a Mobile App

Welcome to our exclusive webinar that will explore creating and refining lubrication routes with the robust Redlist mobile app. Lubrication is the lifeblood of your machinery and maintaining a precise log of each lube and grease point can offer optimized machine performance, increased efficiency, and significant cost savings. Mismanagement or neglect of this critical process can lead to unplanned downtimes, impeded productivity, and inordinate repair costs.

‌The Redlist mobile app is designed to revolutionize your facility’s lubrication management strategies. In this session, you’ll learn how to harness the app’s power to map out every lube and grease point in your plant. We will guide you on recording intricate details associated with each point in real-time, monitoring them, and accessing this vital data conveniently, ensuring your lubrication routes are effective and hassle-free.

‌This webinar will equip you with the skills to utilize Redlist’s easy-to-use interface to organize these mapped points systematically. You will also explore how Redlist can aid in proactive maintenance by predicting potential plant breakdowns, giving you ample time to react and minimize disruptions.

‌Our aim is to empower you to integrate this invaluable tool into your existing maintenance management system seamlessly, syncing all data to create and modify lubrication routes that make sense for your facility. By enhancing your ability to expertly monitor each lube and grease point, the Redlist mobile app paves the way for a more streamlined approach to managing lubrication routes, promoting longevity, reliability, and optimum efficiency for all your industrial equipment.

‌With Redlist’s mobile app, you’re not just bringing an ordinary tool into your arsenal, you’re opting for a simplified, digitally enhanced, and more controlled method of lubrication management. Embrace the transition from traditional logbooks and spreadsheets to a more modern, digitized platform that will uphold your facility’s operational excellence.

‌Join us to take a deep dive into the future of facility lubrication routes preparations. Let’s reshape your approach to lubrication management and take strides towards a more efficient, cost-effective future with Redlist. Book a free demo today!

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Lube Routes Revamped:

Lube Routes Revamped: Map Your Facilities’ Lube and Grease Points with the power of a Mobile App

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