Web 7.39 

Product Update
We've Done Some Maintenance Ourselves

Integration Hub 

Asset Field Mapping now allows updating a single or multiple indicator value.  

External System IDs – When integrated systems share asset information with Redlist, the Redlist Asset Profile will distinguish the name of the asset from the integrated system. This profile now displays all potential different names of the asset across the integrated systems as they may use different IDs 

Asset Profile 

Asset Profile “Hours” and “Miles/km” fields have icons next to them. When clicked they display a history of Hours and Miles/km values. These values are updated by a Sensor Integration, a Form with an associated Asset, Work Order completion, and manually from the asset profile. 

Form Builder 

Work Order Task Logic now associates a region to a task that is generated for an asset that has a region assigned to it 

Team Boards 

Work Boards now have a “Region” filter that filters on any work order or task that has an asset with the Region(s) you are searching for. 

Printing Work Orders PDFs now include optional summaries of labor, parts, and time spent on each task. 

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