Web 7.38 

Product Update
We've Done Some Maintenance Ourselves

Asset Profile 

When users are integrated with 3rd party sensors, the mileage, hours, and location indicator history is now recorded. Review this history after integration on the Asset Profile by navigating to Resources > Equipment > Selecting an Asset > Select the Auto Update icon on the Miles/KM, Hours, and Location fields. Once selected, their historical changes are observed. This is valuable when tracking real-time changes to the location, mileage, and hours of an Asset.  

Team Boards 

Boards now display Hours and Miles Tracking. Typically Work Orders are tracked by days. However, these new options are now available. Navigate to Admin > Manage Teams > Select the Team > Select the Board. Once here adjust the Show Due: field to the desired tracking option. These include Days, Miles/KM, and Hours. Due by filters have also been updated on their respective tracking options. These options are valuable when Companies only track compliance on the utilization of Hours or Miles on an Asset.  


Quotes are now available in the Approvals Queue (Beta) section of the platform. Navigate to Operations > Approvals Queue (Beta) > Select a Job. Once selected quotes can now be created and reviewed within the General Tab of a Job. This is valuable as it mitigated the need for certain office staff to navigate to and from the Operations > Queues page. 

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