Web 7.36 

Product Update
We've Done Some Maintenance Ourselves

New features include naming scheduling labels, selecting All Line Items within Approvals Queue (Beta), Approving time within the Approvals Queue (Beta), and announcement banners highlighting updates within the platform.  

Timers – Approvals Queue (Beta) 

Approve or Reject employee submitted time. This is helpful when tracking time for payroll. Optionally communicate the reasons for rejection through the chat bubble icon. This streamlines communication which already includes the timer context for the employee.  

Line Items – Approvals Queue (Beta) 

Select All on the Line-Item Tab within Approvals Queue (Beta). This will select every line item on the job and highlight its status under the Status column. These line items may be edited unless included on an invoice. These processes improve accounting efficiencies and save time.  


Scheduling labels now include the option to name them. These labels are applied to a Job Card. Right-Click the Job Card within the scheduling tool to edit and apply labels.  

Announcement Banners 

Announcement Banners will on occasion appear within the system when a new feature is released. These will guide users on the new features and how to apply them.  

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