Web 7.35

Product Update
We've Done Some Maintenance Ourselves

Approvals Queue (Beta) updates include many UI changes, a new Timer tab, and a new Inventory tab with Picklists.  

UI Changes 

There are many UI Changes coming to the Approvals Queue (Beta) Page. Each of these changes improves the organization to the approval accounting experience. They include the following: 

  • Unifying Service Ticket, Approval, and Invoice tabs into a Line Items Tab
    • Pending Service ticket renamed to “needs service ticket”
  • Export box moved next to filters from the top right to the top left of the screen 
  • Settings Cog moved onto the table from the top right of the screen 
  • The share button has been changed to display an arrow icon instead of named “Share”

Time Tab

The time tab includes all employee submitted time on a Job. These timers, permissions granted, may be edited. A new UI view is displayed when editing and adding new time from this table. This new view includes improvements to overnight entries. This feature allows accounting to track employee submitted time against billable time and in the future approve or reject timers. 

Inventory Tab 

Assigned parts to a job may be billable parts or tools required for the job. A picklist allows you to easily group parts or tools. At the point of checkout, users can refer to these groups for a much faster checkout experience. Users who build jobs also no longer need to create an assignment collection for each part but can mark a part as billable. This will create a part line item on the Job.  

4.7 Star Rating