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Product Update
We've Done Some Maintenance Ourselves

Scan VIN and QR Codes to populate form text fields, Renew Employee Certification based on Asset Models, and One Step GPS Integration is available to track sensor data. 

Integration Hub Updates 

One Step GPS sensors are now integrated with Redlist. Provide a One Step GPS API Key to start mapping sensor data with assets in Redlist. Admin permissions required. Admin > Integration Hub > One Step GPS (Connect) 

Form Builder Updates 

Form Templates within the Form Builder now support text fields for VIN Barcodes and Scannable Tags. Utilize these tools to quickly populate form information such as VIN number on a form via the Scan Tool. Forms > Manage > Create or Select a Form > Edit a Form Question Field > Text > Input Type 

Additionally, for Asset dropdown questions you can require a barcode scan to fill in the form field. Utilize this tool to require physical access to the asset’s QR Code during inspections. Forms > Manage > Create or Select a Form > Edit a Form Question Field > Dropdown > Asset > Asset Scan 


Employee Certifications now include the ability to renew based on the model of an asset. When a selected asset model is submitted onto a form the employee’s certification is renewed. Utilize this feature to renew employees’ certifications when such certifications are required for specific asset models such as cranes or forklifts models. Operations > Certifications > Certification Card > Edit > Auto Renewals > Renew Based on asset model toggle

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