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Product Update
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This release includes new functionality including discounts, timer tags, job location, and form header improvements that are coming to the platform. Each of these improvements enhances the operation workflow for sales, time tracking, dispatching, and invoicing.  

Discounts on Invoices

Discounts applied to quotes and invoices support sales and business needs. Oftentimes these need to be applied to a single line item or for specific clients. To learn how to apply When editing an invoice, you can now add approved discounts to individual line items or the entire invoice. These discounts can be based on percentage or have a set dollar amount. To manage and create a discount type you must have admin privileges. Login to Redlist and go to Admin > Company > Billing Setup > Create New Discount Type. 

Timer Tags 

Timer tags are often utilized on specific timers to apply union codes, overtime, double-time, holiday time, etc. Field users now have an easier time applying these tags on their iOS device. Admins can make it required for each time record to have a tag associated with it before it can be created. To manage this setting login to Redlist and go to Settings > Time Keeping > Rules > Time Submission Rules

GPS Application to Job Locations 

Within the new Jobs 2.0 creation modal we have added the ability to select a GPS location (Log/Lat) within a map view. This is an improvement over needing to specify the GPS location manually without a map. This is extremely helpful for jobs that do not have any obvious physical address. To add a GPS location while creating a job login to Redlist and go to Operations > Approvals Queue > (+) > No Address. 

Region Header Improvements 

Header improvemPreviously header information would default to include the company address and logo. However, with the new functionality admins can set unique information for each region. For example, department, location, or brand. Depending on the region selected Redlist will automatically input the header to digital forms, invoices, quotes, or service ticket PDFs. Consider updating this information for client-facing documents such as inspections or notices. To edit region specific headers login to Redlist and go to Admin > Company > Information > Add Region > Use Company Info. 

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