Redlist Product Release: Web 2022.07.08

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August 8, 2022


New Redlist Public API

Redlist now has a Public API! Create custom integrations to tie other systems into your instance of the Redlist platform. Custom integrations can be used to send job, maintenance, and other safety data from other systems into your Redlist workflows.

Become more connected by empowering your team to integrate in a way that makes the most sense. To see our public API documentation, please visit

Korean Language Added

The Korean language has been added for Korean speaking users. If you are a translator user, please contact your client success manager for more details and training if necessary.

Enhanced Advanced Task Add to Routes

Add tasks with more ease to a route using the improved advanced task adding tool. Go to Maintenance > PM Programs > Work Order Templates > Select a Route and click “Add Tasks” > Select “Advanced Task Search”. In this table you will be able to more easily manage the columns that relate most to your team and select tasks with ease to add to a route.

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