Android 1.23 

Product Update
We've Done Some Maintenance Ourselves

Timer Tags may now be required based on Assignment Timer Settings set by the Admin. Form questions may now require you to scan a VIN, Barcode, and/or QR Code to answer them where indicated. Under Tools, company documents are now available. 


Timer Tag requirements are now available on Android. When indicated by your admin settings you must always add a tag to a Timer. These are commonly used to indicate Union Codes, Overtime, Double time, or Regular Time. Time > Timer Card > Tag 


Form Templates within the Form Builder now support text fields for VIN Barcodes and Scannable Tags. These are set up by your Admin. When indicated on a form select the Scan Asset or Scan options. This opens a scan tool to then be utilized for physical VIN, Barcode, or QR Codes. This is mostly utilized to scan an asset QR Code while inspecting the asset. This may be applied anywhere a form is submitted.  


Company documents are now available under Tools > Documents. These are added by your Admin. Most commonly these are manuals or company policies.  

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