Android 1.17.0

Product Update
We've Done Some Maintenance Ourselves

The upcoming 1.17.0 Android update brings a whole new look to task creation and additional features designed to help streamline and improve the processes that Android mobile users count on each day.

Redlist App on Pixel 5 New Asset Creation

Create new Assets

Create new assets on the fly using your Android device out in the field. Add information like unit ID, make, model, type, and more—even a photo from your device to add a visual reference as well.

asset filters Redlist Android App

Asset List and Filters in tools screen

Now you can filter your assets by type, class, region, location and client. Which makes scrolling through large asset lists a thing of the past.

New Home Screen

The forms icon on the bottom of the screen has moved to the tools section and replaced by a new home button. The home screen provides a quick summary of tasks, jobs, and time. Perfect for helping navigate to the essential items for that day.

new task creation Redlist Android

New Task Creation

Create new maintenance tasks on the fly and assign them to one or multiple people in your team. Add asset details like section, component as well as an estimated duration.

Sync Confirmation

Sync confirmations are a confirmation feature between the device and the server confirming that the data is received. This feature keeps the data integrity across mobile and web while going from online to offline. In addition, if the sync encounters errors, it will notify the user and allow them to retry the sync.

Bug fixes

  1. Submit all timers button not submitting all timers (some timers reverting)
  2. Editing assignment quantity immediately after creating assignment doesn’t sync

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