Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Addendum (SLA) is incorporated into and governed by the attached Subscription Services Agreement. 

SLA Commitment

Subject to the conditions in this SLA, Redlist shall:

    • Guarantee 99.5% uptime (evaluated monthly) between the hours of 8AM to 6PM MST, (Herein known as “Primary Hours”) and that the application provided to the Customer will perform as designed and be available for use by the Customer within the timeframe specified below. Redlist guarantees a 99.0% uptime outside of the Primary Hours. 
    • Redlist will perform daily backups of customer data 
    • Redlist can provide snapshots of customer data upon request from a customers within 72 hours of the written request and providing that the customer is able to receive the data through an appropriate medium. 

If Redlist does not meet the above commitments, Customer will be eligible to receive service credits as described below, which will be the sole and exclusive remedy for any failure by Redlist to meet its commitments under this SLA. 

Service Credits

If Redlist fails perform the commitments listed above, Customer will be eligible to receive a service credit in the form of an extension of its subscription for the applicable Redlist product at no additional charge, as specified below.

Primary Hours

Monthly uptime percentage Monthly Unpermitted Downtime (minutes) Subscription Extension
≥ 99.0% < 99.5% uptime 216-432 7 days
< 99.0% uptime > 432 14 days

Non-Primary Hours

Monthly uptime percentage Monthly Unpermitted Downtime (minutes) Subscription Extension
< 99.0% uptime > 432 3 days

To receive a service credit, Customer must contact Redlist within 30 days after the end of the month in which Redlist’s applicable failure to meet the SLA occurred.  In the event a claim is disputed, Redlist will provide Customer with a report documenting applicable service levels.  The aggregate maximum amount of service credits to be issued to Customer for a calendar month will not exceed 30 days’ extension of Customer’s subscription for the applicable Redlist product. 

For any partial calendar month during which Customer subscribes to the Service, availability will be calculated based on the entire calendar month, not just the portion for which Customer subscribed. 


Monthly uptime percentage means the difference of the total number of minutes in a calendar month minus the number of minutes of Unpermitted Downtime in the calendar month, divided by the total number of minutes in the calendar month.


This SLA does not apply to Sandboxes or other Customer non-production environments, or to Services designated in writing as beta, pilot, limited release, development or test bed environments, or by descriptions of similar import, or to any Redlist products or services that expressly exclude this SLA as specified in the documentation for such products or services.  Redlist will have no obligations under this SLA during any period in which Customer is in breach of the Subscription Services Agreement, including Customer’s payment obligations thereunder.   In addition, Redlist gives no guarantees for third-party integrations into the Redlist application.

Last Updated (05/04/21)

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