Redlist Partners with ExxonMobil to Launch Mobil Serv℠ Asset Management

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Pleasant Grove, UT – March 11, 2020 – We are proud to announce an ongoing partnership with ExxonMobil beginning with the launch of Mobil Serv℠ Asset Management. The platform provides a valuable solution to an age-old problem: tracking, planning, and reporting maintenance-related activities and data for your assets.

Together with ExxonMobil, we identified that the market was severely lacking an all-in-one solution that companies of all sizes could afford. Most computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) only cover one piece of the bigger maintenance picture, requiring companies to employ multiple systems to track everything. The only alternative to expensive digital solutions is tracking via spreadsheets or paper, which is inefficient and allows greater room for error.

“By combining our understanding of lubrication and machine performance with Redlist’s proven cloud-based, mobile-ready technology, we’re able to provide operators with a cost-effective solution that helps better manage and improve their maintenance programs, in turn helping them more easily turn insights into action and achieve their ambitions.”

Enter Mobil Serv Asset Management: An affordable, one-of-a-kind digital maintenance management platform that reduces all of the work and data to one easy-to-track system. It relies on Redlist, our cloud-based, mobile-ready app that has already provided excellent benefits and return on investment for dozens of companies in the field. This new platform helps operators better organize, automate, and streamline maintenance-related activities from lubrication planning and performance tracking to safety/compliance reporting and predictive maintenance task management.

Combining ExxonMobil’s institutional knowledge with Redlist’s proven platform allows us to offer operators in many industries improved insights, training resources, recommendations, and most of all, safety. Companies that integrate Mobil Serv Asset Management into their current CMMS and ERP systems experience higher productivity, better workflow management, increased profitability, greater team collaboration, and more control over data and assets. One client began using Redlist technology and was able to diagnose the cause of equipment failure that had them operating below industry standards. Their fleet of electric motors needed a simple change in the maintenance process (better greasing practices), which wasn’t identifiable under their previous maintenance tracking system. The company increased motor life, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

Key Features of Mobil Serv Asset Management

  • Configure – All of your data to your needs, all in one place.
  • Flexibility – Easy integration with your current CMMS and ERP systems.
  • Cost-effective – Digital solution that is well-priced for operators of all sizes to reap the benefits.
  • Real-time Recommendations – Delivers lubrication and process recommendations based on equipment performance data and expertise of Mobil Serv engineers to improve performance, lower lubricant use, and conserve energy.
  • Task Management Tracking – Both maintenance and production teams can assign and manage tasks, as well as collaborate on completion and results tracking.
  • Workflow Visualization – Videos and photos enable team members to have a clear view of the tasks in the day ahead.
  • Cybersecurity Protection – The platform is secure and offers the latest in cybersecurity protections for your data and assets.
  • Broader Maintenance Capabilities – Beyond lubrication, the platform includes production tools, safety and compliance tracking, time tracking, and training resources.

“As a result of rigorous testing in the field, we are confident in offering the proven value of Mobil Serv Asset Management technology to a broader range of customers, delivering a truly best-in-class technology for operators in many sectors.”

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