Redlist EAM Saves Company $270,000+ Per Year

Mining Company, UT


In just over twenty years, a family-owned mining and recycling company based in Utah has grown to service large projects all over the state. With over 150 different pieces of equipment managed by 29 employees across 4 different locations–there are lots of things to track in terms of minimizing downtime, providing accurate job costing and more. The second generation owner wanted more visibility into fuel usage and maintenance than he was getting from the mixture of paper forms and spreadsheets he was using.


Having operators and maintenance technicians upgrade from paper forms to digital submissions in Redlist’s mobile app enables them to complete a simple fluid report each time they fill equipment with any type of fluid.


Hours Saved Per Month

Because the real-time data entered in the field automatically populates a fluid usage dashboard, the streamlined process saves the controller 12 hours per month that used to be spent tracking down the information and generating a report.

"Redlist has made everything so much easier."



After implementing the fluid reporting processes through Redlist’s EAM solution, the company saved them more than $270,000 in annual labor and operational costs. In addition to the clear recurring economic impact, the safer and healthier environment also resulted in the priceless benefits of a happier controller and more productive mechanics staff. 

Eliminated Labor Hours $7,488
Reduced Fluid Usage by 60% $263,736
Total Annual Savings $271,224

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