Redlist and One Step GPS Announce Fleet Tracking Partnership

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Pleasant Grove, UT–June 15, 2022–Redlist and One Step GPS announce an exciting new partnership that allows users of both platforms to integrate their data and elevate their fleet tracking and management. One Step GPS is an industry leader in GPS fleet tracking, as they were named the fastest-growing GPS company on the Inc. 5000 list, making them a perfect fit for integration with Redlist.

This partnership will provide users with a more complete picture of their fleet, maintenance, and driving habits by combining GPS fleet tracking data with Redlist’s reporting dashboard and other features. The integration allows for tracking location, and fuel consumption, as well as providing real-time asset data from both platforms within one easy-to-use app. Furthermore, the Redlist software suite can connect your fleet management data to a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), allowing users to drive maintenance behavior with the One Step GPS fleet tracking data.

Whether you opt for a plug-in or hardwired device, One Step GPS is reliable and has affordable prices for businesses of all sizes. When paired with Redlist, users will be able to easily track their fleet, reduce fuel expenses, improve driving habits, increase driver safety, and boost productivity. Redlist and One Step GPS know how important fleet management is to optimize your business operations. So, they are happy to work together to put your fleet data at your fingertips.

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About Redlist

Redlist is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company providing mobile-enabled production, safety, and maintenance apps for businesses in over 15 unique industries. The Redlist platform is a cloud-based web and mobile app available in the Google Play and Apple App stores, which allows managers, teams, and machines to all be on the same page. The platform drives down expenses, increases the life of equipment, improves employee efficiency, ensures a safer work environment, and makes a significant impact on the bottom line for small and large businesses alike.

Redlist is a company headquartered in Pleasant Grove, UT. For more information visit

About One Step GPS

One Step GPS provides GPS fleet tracking solutions for businesses of all sizes in any industry, whether you have a fleet of two or a thousand. This includes plug-in or hardwired GPS devices and a cloud-based mobile app available in the Google Play and Apple app stores. One Step GPS is committed to changing the fleet management market by offering no contracts, no cancellation fees or equipment costs, and a 100-day money-back guarantee. They source their devices from the top GPS tracking manufacturers in the USA, resulting in a platform that is trusted by over 12,000 companies.
One Step GPS is a company headquartered in San Fernando, CA. For more information visit

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