Oil and Gas Company Becomes Model for DEQ Compliance

Oil & Gas Company, Denver Colorado


One of the largest privately-owned oil and natural gas producers in the U.S. had grown through acquisitions of other natural gas production companies. With over seven years in business, their increasing maintenance operations and reporting to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) had become a cumbersome, manual process involving several employees spread out across all of their locations. The DEQ requires detailed maintenance logs for all equipment as a preventive measure against environmental concerns. The company also is fundamentally committed to the values of responsibly producing oil and gas with minimal impacts on air quality, surface conditions, and wildlife. They recognized that an improved asset management process would support their environmental mindfulness mission and better meet DEQ requirements.

Action Items

The company implemented Redlist’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) tool to streamline their maintenance and reporting processes. In simple cooperation with the Redlist Implementation team, the company configured maintenance checklists and forms to capture critical DEQ data.

25 hours per week

Eliminated in Administrative Work

This allowed their lead mechanic to digitally record machine hours and use that information to drive and, in some cases, automate their preventive maintenance program. This system enabled transparency into tasks that were previously falling through the cracks and empowered team members with clear communication and training opportunities. Also, the system was configured to automatically distribute various tasks to the appropriate technicians. When maintenance is performed, technicians use Redlist’s mobile application to record completed tasks, and their data automatically populates a DEQ report. This new process dramatically eliminated errors and delays from the previous paper and tribal systems, allowing them to provide the required information in a more timely manner.


The financial impact of automating asset management came immediately. 25 hours of administrative work were eliminated per week, totaling an estimated $43,750 per year.

“[Redlist] has freed me up to do so much more with my week.”

Lead Mechanic

The lead mechanic is thrilled with this shift in his workload and said, “(Redlist) has freed me up to do so much more with my week.” He gets to focus his attention on maintaining his equipment, and ensuring their environmental impact is as minimal as possible. Moreover, he has gained invaluable insight to ensure that nothing is falling through the cracks with Redlist’s digital records. However, the most exciting impact for the company is that Redlist has assisted them with their goal to become “The Gold Standard in DEQ Compliance.” Their DEQ reporting is easier than ever, and the highly accurate maintenance records ensure that they’re doing everything they can to produce oil and gas responsibly.

This Proof of Performance is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the application of Redlist.

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