Keep Equipment Working with Preventive Maintenance Tech

Do you want to keep your equipment functioning at a high level? That’s a no-brainer; of course, you do. Now, how can you make that desire a reality? The best way to make sure your equipment is performing reliably is to apply preventative maintenance.

Let’s start with what preventative maintenance isn’t.


It’s not constant maintenance.

While preventative maintenance involves consistent scheduled checkups and fixes when necessary, this does not equal constant maintenance. Having constant checks and repairs is, in almost all cases, a financial impossibility—though new technologies and sensors are regularly becoming available to provide just such an option.

It’s not reactive maintenance.

Where reactive maintenance focuses on fixing problems after they happen, preventative maintenance uses equipment statistics to schedule upkeep. Reactive maintenance strategies wait until a piece of equipment has failed completely, while preventative maintenance aims to stop the failure altogether.

What is preventative maintenance?

Now that you know what isn’t part of preventative maintenance, what’s left? Preventative maintenance (sometimes referred to as preventive maintenance) is any regular, planned upkeep of equipment in order to prevent unnecessary downtime.
So, how does preventative maintenance actually work?

It’s based on the numbers.

The system you put in place for your equipment maintenance is not arbitrary—it’s based on statistics that you can track. Using software like what Redlist provides (*ahem* that’s us), you’ll have product knowledge readily available to you to let you know when maintenance will be necessary.

It integrates knowledge-based tools to optimize performance.

Preventative maintenance is more than just a system of notifications—it’s a system that helps you help your equipment in the best possible way. The software you’ll use as you implement the maintenance process will keep you up to date on the expected performance of your equipment. Then, as you inspect the equipment, the information you input is implemented into further equipment reports and maintenance plans.
Preventative maintenance is a cost-effective way to stay up to date on the state of your equipment while making sure that problems are fixed before they have the chance to arise. When you’re working with computers and heavy equipment or loud machinery, saving even a few seconds is critical.
At Redlist, we take the guesswork out of maintenance. You’ll know when maintenance needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and how to do it. Our system updates and evolves based on the information you find as you inspect your equipment, and further maintenance recommendations will be updated accordingly.
Get in touch with us today to find out how we can make your equipment last longer, be more profitable, and cause you less worry.

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