Customer eliminates $200,000 in annual MSHA fines

Mining & Recycling Company | Vineyard, UT


A family-owned mining company in Utah experienced continued growth and worked hard to keep up with the demand. However, their safety and maintenance report compliance suffered, and the paper reports either never got done or were lost.

Then, when their twice-annual Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) audit came, the missing reports became a costly error. The business leadership knew there had to be a better way to track and report their MSHA compliance, and they looked to Redlist to reduce their MSHA fines.


Saved in Eliminated Labor Costs

As a result, their field team provided them with the real-time reports they needed to enhance their MSHA compliance. In addition, their team and leadership staff were relieved to have an easy-to-use system that fit their particular needs.

Actions Items

The mining company implemented Redlist’s health and safety solution alongside the enterprise asset management solution. These solutions standardized their safety inspections and created a system where they could track repairs and turnaround time.


Saved in Eliminating MSHA Audit Hours


In the two years following the implementation of the Redlist HSE and EAM solutions, the mining company hasn’t received a single MSHA fine. Previous inspections took three days, and the penalties ranged from $25,000 to $200,000.

Now MSHA inspections average only 4 hours because their records are organized digitally and easy to access. As a result, the entire experience is less stressful for the employees involved. In the reduced labor hours and the elimination of MSHA fines, they recovered $213,106 per year.

Eliminated Data Entry Hours $7,470
Eliminated MSHA Audit Hours 30 Hours Avg
Prevented MSHA Fines $200,000
Total Annual Savings $213,106

This Proof of Performance is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the application of Redlist.

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