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How and Why You Should Reduce Your Maintenance Backlog

Considering that an average maintenance team handles over 2,300 work orders per year, a maintenance backlog is inevitable. Maintenance backlog includes any recurring repairs, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, or tasks planned for scheduled downtime that are overdue. While it is

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How to Improve Your Spare Parts Management

The effectiveness of any maintenance plan, preventive or not, relies on your spare parts management. The challenge is finding the balance between having parts on hand when you need them and not having capital tied up in inventory you won’t need for months. Striking that balance allows you to minimize downtime by eliminating extra repair time due to lacking the necessary parts.

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How to Drive Impactful Change with Root Cause Analysis

Analysis is to advance beyond just the superficial cause and adjust your process or systems to remedy the root cause. Now, root cause analysis isn’t just for major incidents or breakdowns. You can incorporate preventive root cause analyses into your maintenance strategy to keep things running smoothly and efficiently and help prevent major incidents from happening.

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